Thursday, May 15, 2014

In the Rain Storm

I guess anything can come at of me at this moment, since the rain is pounding on the ground, no one would hear my soul cry, no one would hear the immature giggle that could both blast out of me like a child screaming for their mother...

I only imagine the way the rain would feel on my face on top of tears that already lay there, or maybe the burst of love that is in my mind is on the extreme for "too soon" to feel this way and so the puddles that splash right on me, have purpose to calm me down...

I hear thunder in far clouds and I shift my feet to a patter that I desire to be met with, but no one will hear this tiny feet, they just seem like ant taps compared to the storm, I could fall over in the mud right now and still stand up clean, that's how fast the rain is coming down...

(c) Ebony Larijani

Thursday, May 8, 2014

In the Air of Nature

Often times I sit and stair at the trees
The most leaf less way to become engaged in something other than my thoughts
Often times I sit beside a rock that appears to be weak and small
The most hard less way to become engaged in something other than my thoughts
Most of the time, I just sit in any open space that nature provides
The most familiar place I find myself, engaged in any part of the air that will let my thoughts drift away...

© Ebony Larijani