Monday, December 30, 2013

Caught Myself Loosing the Moment

I was driving into work this morning, scrambling through the channels, singing whatever sounded good on the radio. With the rush of energy from recording the night before still in my blood I plugged in my own tunes and drifted off into delight hearing my own voice through the speakers. I kept one poem on reply, I like it that much.
I thought to myself "wow, why can't everyday be this traffic-free". I immediately stopped myself after reading an article about how we don't live in the moment. We say things like "I hope it is this warm tomorrow", "I wish I could eat this everyday", "I hope he calls me again tomorrow". Instead of being in joy of the that fact it actually is happening.
I turned my volume up even louder and I enjoyed the traffic-free drive in! I enjoyed every moment of it and I never again repeated "why can't" because it certainly was!
In moments are so liberating and moving, especially when you catch yourself actually having a moment.

I did it, wished I had something that I did for that moment, I wow'd myself in fact, realizing how enjoyable the moment was, who cared what the next days brought, or what the last days were fought with, I had it, in present time, it was mine to enjoy and I lived it...

(c) since 2011 Ebony Larijani

Friday, December 27, 2013

Get Involved - Children's Hospital Donations

On Jan 4th, Vivid Mirror Reflections and other Organizations/Business's will gather to take coloring books, crayons, and stuffed animals to Children's Hospital.
If you would like to participate in any way please send me an email:

God Bless...

The Peace of Being this Holiday

What a spectacular time I had this holiday season, from Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas and now into the new year. How pleasant it was to "just be", I noticed so many things around me and different characteristics in family/friends. I know the lack of judgement coming from my thoughts played a huge role. I spent Thanksgiving with my father and all of my children and brothers and sisters. If you know my history then you would question where my smile came from that day.Well it came from love, that was all I had to give and in return all that was filled back. Laughter filled our table and stories tapped through the forks as if the glasses were being hit with delight. I was in bliss during a time that use to captivate me in rigid anger.
Christmas just passed and there were less people at my Grandmas house this year, due to some not being able to travel that far. It was pleasant for me though, it was an opportunity for me to sit at the adult table. I have the most children out of my siblings so usually I volunteer to sit at the kiddie table. What a delight, I forgot about the things adults talk about. My older brother encouraged me to share a story of the things that I have been doing lately and it was a great set up for lots of laughter at the table. I wanted to roll on the floor with excitement like the dog that lay under my feet, even my moms dog got to join in on the fun! My ride home was not that lonely thing that I usually dread with the kids fighting in the back seat, I had my big brother with me and what a delight we had blasting the radio playing songs that our parents once listened to. I guess we pulled out our age card. I must have cuddled with my youngest and played tons of video games once we got home until I wanted to stop but kept going. Wow, life is amazing in moments.
Here we are now approaching New Years, I spoke about this on my Internet Radio Show that I host every Wednesday and Saturday live at 9pm, if you have ever missed it please check it out, I spoke about how I don't make a Resolution, it is too damaging for me, it puts me in a place of constant stress on myself. To resolute to do something specific just for a new year. I can't do that to myself. Instead I take baby steps with it. I take each day at a time and therefore I am always striving to be better. I fail and I have accomplished laughing at myself or crying with myself. My mirror affirmations have taken a whole new high on my life, I love them in the morning, at work, at night, where ever, when ever.
Well, I just wanted to stop for a moment and say I hope you are enjoying your holidays, no matter where you are or what you are going through, just be...

(c) since 2011 Ebony Larijani

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Past Is Not Here

In the book "A Course In Miracles" it speaks about how if we are always thinking about the past and allowing the present moment to reflect the past, then we are in an illusion. Nothing is real. We may see a text message from someone and we are reminded of a past experience. We may hear words from a friend and it takes us back to a time when.

What if for the present moment, everything that you experience can be as if it has never happened before, because in fact it has not. That is when you live in the present moment and that is how love conquers over all else. Have you ever had an enemy speak to you and because you have labeled them enemy based off past experiences, how will you ever hear what they are saying in present moment? You will not, because everything that comes out of their mouth is in your mind "coming from an enemy". And when you hear the word enemy all of your guards go up, so you are not hearing their words as you should, without any past attachments.

Take some time today to be present. And let everything that is happening to you be happening for the first time, even if your mind says "this has happened to me before"

(c) since 2011 Ebony Larijani

Sunday, December 8, 2013

To be 10 Again...

Last night on my blog talk radio show I read a poem titled "10 Again". We asked callers to write something about being 10yrs old again and all of the submissions were great. One thing we came to realize was...
~ I would like to think kid like when boarding a plane so that the anxiety would be removed
~ I dedicate myself to being kid-like at least once a day
~ We all have an inner child within us that wants to play
~ Don't let life become so fearful that you tuck a child within, cornered to the illusions

Here is my poem:
I removed all the rawness from my spine, one vertebra at a time, until my age aligned one plus nine, I was 10 again as if I mirrored an image on what imagination can pretend, delicate to a woman's glare, improper in heels I wiggled a bit, lipstick smeared, I'm the cutest little mess, but I'm 10 so to play like this is the joy of being a kid again, but what if at age 10 I had to be mommy, cook clean and nothing is pretend, I'm caring for siblings and I'm tired, I can't pretend, but you won't find a smile on this face if I have to clean again, my little sister looks up to me and I'm only 10...I'm 10 and this little boy has a sharp edge on his back because daddy is gone and I have to be that, I'm only 10 but I'm man or at least that's what they think of me because I'm filling in for his position, they bad mouth that real man, the one who stayed long enough to keep getting in mommy's pants, until I was the conclusion... I'm only 10 and this seems innocent but I know it only takes one time and I'm a child having a child of mine, I'm scared, I'm only 10, puberty is like a pink rose, I'm that innocent within... I'm only 10 this is supposed to be a time to let my hair wind, to lay by the seashore and be everything I can imagine, is this 10?... my the years have flown by since I blew out all of them, candles and cake, presents from friends, what a joy to be 10 as my minds rumbles through many of them...

(c) since 2011 Ebony Larijani