Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting it off my chest...

Not everything on your chest is a burden, some things are sitting there just waiting to be shared. Let me share a few things I heard/read today that stuck with me:

1. No matter how their attitude is, if you remained balanced in your character, you remained in control.

2. It is okay to control someone in the right direction without man handling them into rejecting your 'good' control.

3. There is a difference between principles and rules.

4. It doesn't take much, in all honesty it takes nothing.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Planting...

Happy Planting she said to me after spending hours smelling the flowers at the outdoor garden.I had purchased two flowers; Lavender and Blanket. Both flowers came with 'how to care' instructions, but what they didn't come with was information on their benefits. Everything has a purpose in life, a way to benefit another.

I arrived home with flowers to plant. Being the reader/writer that I am I decided to get familiar with my flowers before placing them in soil, not knowing what's about to take root. I grabbed my scrap book and started clipping. I choose different words/pictures that I wanted to take root or continue to grow in my life, just like the flowers. I affirmed many things and I prayed about everything. I laughed with myself a bit too because I remember when I use to live such a carefree life, giving no attention to simplicity and it's gifts. I pulled out dictionaries, magazines, the atlas and my world books. Yes, I needed to know even where these flowers came from. Laughing with myself again; for choosing to research the old way instead of running to google, although it did end there. After expanding my mind, here is what I found...

Lavender is mentioned often in the Bible, not by the name lavender but rather by the name used at that time--spikenard. Another ancient Christian reference to lavender involves how it got its scent. The plant is believed to have been taken from the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve. However, the powerful perfume came later. According to legend, the clothing of baby Jesus bestowed the scent when Mother Mary laid them upon a bush to dry. This may explain why the plant is also regarded as a holy safeguard against evil. In many Christian houses, a cross of lavender was hung over the door for protectionflower grows best in direct sun and is said to be used most as an air freshner because its smell is strong.

Blanketflower is a cool season, slender, short-lived perennial, with fuzzy light green leaves. Its flowers are typically bright red with yellow tips. Blanketflower is native to most of the western states, the upper Great Plains, around the Great Lakes, and in portions of New England. It is said that the Blanketflower attracts butterflies. ~Celebrating Flowers

Wow, I was amazed with my research, next it was time to script...
                              "We choose what we care to root, we love what turns from root to leaves to blossom; we water, we clip, we even talk to it at times, we smell with such delight, we place them behind our ears, or in our hats, we give them in love, we hang them upside down to dry out and keep longer... if you were researched what would be your details, where did you come from, are you walking in love leaving behind a scent of calmness, are you accepting of the sun and able to adjust in shade, are you colorful, with a strong stem, what do you attract...

Lavender, Blanketflower and my scrap book

Friday, April 27, 2012

That Awkward Moment...

It's that awkward moment when you ask a question and all goes silent, yes? You wonder where are your friends, or even an enemy for that matter. Then you realize you just went searching incorrectly, not wrong but incorrect. 
So you research on your own and in casual conversation you come across the advice of an elder. Not only are you shocked but your thankful. 

"You will be the same person tomorrow Ebony that you are today, but you might change depending on who you come in contact with or what you read; now imagine whom you will be in several years with this advice" ~an elder

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Moment of Truth...

In this moment of honesty I shed a tear, I received a text by a friend who gave words so clear, for her it was a confession, expressing her jealousy of me, to even doubt her confession explains my thoughts completely... in the next moment I wondered if she knew, that she opened up doors so honest and true, as I read her confession and could vision her face, I was blessed and pleased that God allowed her to open up this space, how else can the spirit of envy be replaced...
Since we are in this moment of spoken truth, I must cut in, right now being quiet is no excuse... I too had to reveal where the same spirit also haunted me, and so I emailed another friend my confession; with hands a little shaky...
I wonder why we do what we do, why we compare why we compete, why we look at the next person as if they are ahead in these even row of seats, see I don't think anyone is ahead of the next, because God gives us each unique ways to bless, and so we fulfill this list as we check, we connect...
I'm not better, nor am I ahead of you, woman you really have no clue, I rise some mornings and wonder where is my life, wonder am I on track, will I even make the fight...
In order to live I found unique in expressing myself, as you know my first book stands on your shelf, but that does not mean I live without human moments of doubt, you would never imagine the amount of self-help books that have highlighted sentences and notes to self...
I don't always remember the words I write, maybe that's why I haven't attended Spoken Mic... when I don't remember it's because like you I'm lacking in areas of life, so see your not alone on this confession mic...
It feels good to know someone thinks your on a level you should be, a level by the looks of it, you can be, because at times the self puts everything down so innocently... 
We rise and fall each day, we cry and we laugh some kinda way... I think that is when we ought to be thankful for the gifts of our closest friends, even our enemies encourage us once we comprehend... that life is life and there is nothing really that we must do, not many know this until they affirm what appears real is not always true, so love your flaws and whether you sit or stand, someone always has your back or hand... as I said before, we are made to connect, in this moment of confession would anyone else like to confess the connect...
By: Ebony Larijani

(c) 2011 Ebony Larijani

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get your book!

She took all of her pain and mistakes and put them on paper, she knew everything kept hidden has no chance of healing, and so she published. With each turn of the page, she not only healed herself, but her readers became acquainted with her words....
"And She Healed; On Purpose" by: Ebony Larijani.

If you have not purchased the book yet here is the link. Pass it on to friends and family.



You write, I write, we combine...

Have you ever sat with someone and just wrote poetry back and forth? Starting with paper and pen, you write, I write and then we combine the lyrics. I'm looking for some poets who would like to start getting together and writing. We could meet in person or set a time to lyric up on the net.

Contact me if your interested:

"You write, I write, we combine... what you lyric I will rewind, open our minds to things only together we could find, placing the alphabet on lines, no erasers just your truth with mine... and we ain't killing time, we using it to release what fills the mind" ~E.L.

(c) 2011 Ebony Larijani

Chai Bath anyone...

Since I returned from my getaway I have been showering in Indian Chia Soap. Not only is the smell amazing but the feeling is great. Combine that with the usual routines that I do in the shower like meditating an talking to God, wow my showers have been amazing.

If you have never shopped at Ten Thousand Villages on King Street in Old Towne Alexandria, please visit them. Not only will you find many amazing things within the store, you will also receive a free recycle bag. Each time you come back to shop with the bag you get 10% off.
Here is the link

Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo of the Year

In February I came across this picture on Yahoo News, that the New York Times had titled "Photo of the Year"

Extremely deep photo and so I decided to script about it...

"If I held you with hate for the things you once did to me, then I would be slumped over, unable to care for you in your time of need, if I sat with you in anger for all past battles you placed on me, then I would be stuck on this ground in as much pain as you... whether you have remorse for what you did or did not do I do not know, but from pictures view either I hide my pain well with materials of black, Hijab to be exact, keeping my eyes only open to unconditional love, not proud or shamed about your need for love or your lack of strength, I am here because I am a woman, I am here because I am love, you are here because you have always felt nothing but hate and right now all you need is love"

~Ebony Larijani
(c) 2011 Ebony Larijani

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Getaway

So this weekend (Saturday - Sunday) is the private getaway for those invited to share in bliss with Vivid Mirror... What's a woman to pack? Well here is my list:
1. Books
2. Nook Color
3. Journals
4. Pens and Pencils
5. Camera
6. Open Mind
7. Welcoming Soul
8. Coloring book
9. Crayons
10. Bible
11. Fluffy socks
12. VS PJs
13. Workout cloths
14. Swimsuit
15. Water
16. 7 rocks, 7 petals
17. Drafts of both the books I'm writing
18. The Holy Spirit
Wow, what an amazing list. I will be sure to blog about all the things that are experienced during this time of clearing the mind and relaxing the soul.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Find and Seek

As I began my day today, I thought of several things that I want to discover about myself. The words find and seek came to my mind and I wondered, what is the difference.

I reached over for my greatest book over these past few months, Webster's Dictionary. I looked up the two words and came to this definition.
~ Find - Discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly
~ Seek - Attempt to find, desire to obtain or achieve

Have you ever thought about the things you have found in life, by chance. You find friends, you find money, you find jewelry, you find pennies, you find trash or you might even find old pictures. What we find is important, but what we obtain out of our findings is the true value.

Nowhere in the bible does it say find me, God continues to say "Seek Me". He is not an unexpected thing that we just happen to trip over. Sometimes we meet Him during moments of being clueless as to who He is, signifying we have tripped upon Him. Yet still after our fall upon Him; He says "Seek". 

It's time to obtain Him, desire Him, and achieve all that He can give us. Take note of your findings, but be disciplined about what you seek.

~Ebony Larijani
(c) 2011 Ebony Larijani

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mic, testing one two three...

 Second day of me taking it from just a script to a voice.... Everything has stages, and I would like to enter all my stages of life....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Exploring life and creating my next book

Today I took a walk through the woods with my photographer and snapped a few pictures that will grace the pages of my next book. I'm excited about the unique way I choose to write this book, I can't wait to share it with the world.

Thoughts through the woods ~ "every step of my feet is unique, and I'm blessed to be exactly where I am meant to be" ~ "this is life, my life anyhow" ~ "courage comes from God"

Inspired by Dr. Dyer

"Spending our precious life energy chasing after something we don't want, and never getting enough of whatever it is that we're relentlessly pursuing" ~ Wayne Dyer

Are you pursuing life's purpose for you, are you fueling up to speed after all that wants you, but you don't want. Are you allowing what doesn't to be what does?

I believe that not all harm is intended for us, there are all types of pain and harm that we can be sure is not ours. Then there is that unwanted that we create for ourselves visioned as a want, and what we know to be our purpose is not in balance with it.  And what do we do, we continue to chase it, hoping it will force us to gain something that will turn us around and put us on a tract to our purpose. Until it hurts us and fills us with regret and what we thought would lead us to everlasting happiness has filled us with unpleasing guilt.

We wonder how will we face this pain and get over this guilt, so we fight it, using our human nature as if we can grab a knife and just cut it to pieces. In reality we are not facing our pain, we have our backs turned to it with hate and anger. When we turn our face towards it and accept what it is and give it what we spiritually know, then we are able to do the unspeakable. Love what was intended to hurt, love it so much that it doesn't know how to attack us anymore. And then we can turn all around and relentlessly pursue what we are getting enough of, because we spent our energy on loving what we didn't want.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Here is my website, hope you enjoy it!

Lunch Breaks

In some countries did you know that they shut the entire office down so employees can take a nap. I often wonder why America is so rushed and then I see how many diseases we have here and how many medications are going into different bodies. We need to slow down and enjoy life, if your employer will not let everyone take naps on their lunch breaks why not take a book to your car or some quiet place, with a packed lunch from home because I'm sure its healthier then the nearest place to eat out! Read relax, eat healthy and clear your mind......

Time to start blogging :)