Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 1 challenge

Challenge: Take a moment today to contemplate what moves you, what gets you fired up, what makes you, uniquely you. Now, create a list of 5 things that describe your essence. Pick a small object that represents each (a favorite book for a passion for words, a treasured necklace from your kids) and make an altar of them in a place you will see them daily.

1. Poetry
2. Writing
3. Reading
5. Nature

1. And She Healed; On Purpose, my first published poetry book. It always reminds me of my true desire that moves me to see life through my own eyes, yet with an open mind and unusual thought. 

2. My journal, it is full of half written pages and 2 pages letters, some that I have never thought to mail, but a simple release. 

3. The zillion books I have that spread through each room in my home, to my car, to my office, even  the new age on my Nook and in my purse. I love reading

4. I use to search for this until I remembered my birth right. I was born in love. I desire the soft kiss, the love for my body. I receive it in my mirror, daily and at any moment I chose. 

5. It's always before me, in site and touch, I even smell it at times. 

This weekend I plan to make my altar of these things. 

(c) since 2011 Ebony Larijani 

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